About Key Biscayne Restoration Company - Key Biscayne, FL


Who we are?

Key Biscayne Restoration Company Key Biscayne, FL 786-309-9751Key Biscayne Restoration Company started out as a humble damage restoration agency that focused on providing the Key Biscayne, FL area with rapid and effective reconstruction and post damage restoration services. Today we’ve grown to be the finest Restoration and Reconstruction Company in the locality. We offer reliable and quick damage mitigation and remodeling services for absolute affordable prices. Whatever may be the cause for the damage that has been done, our experts can get it all fixed in a short period. To receive our help, all you need to do is call us on 786-309-9751.

Our dream:

Over two decades ago, we started out as a company that aimed to provide restoration services for those afflicted with all sorts of damage within a short span of time. Our dream has always been to become the number one restoration company in the locality. We didn’t want to settle for mediocrity, we wanted to break the boundaries and become the best. Effective services at affordable services have been and will always be our mission!

How did we plan to achieve it?

We knew that success isn’t a destination, rather a process. It’s never about reaching ‘there’ and being ‘there’ forever, rather several parameters make it, and we constantly try to make ourselves better. Here is how we ensured that we started out and functioned as a successful company:

  • Hiring the best team:

A company is nothing without its people. The team can make or break an establishment. Understanding this, we started out by hiring the perfect people to make up a perfect establishment. We hired extremely skilled individuals, who came with the right knowledge and experience in the field. After hiring them, we put them through stringent training sessions too.

  • Buying top-notch equipment:

Our technicians need the right equipment to do the job with utmost precision. Advanced equipment that is designed to fix even the most seemingly impossible issues are what we needed, and we made sure to invest on them. Whenever a tool or technology would come up that we would require in our industry, we ensured to get it and make the right use of it. We arm ourselves with tools such as air movers, and pumps, to name a few.

  • Setting up mobile services:

The element of requirement in our business service was to be ‘onsite’ as and when needed. This is exactly why we began to offer our mobile services. The mobile transportation includes fleet of trucks, vans and trailers that are equipped with all the needed tools and materials. Whenever you require our services, we’ll dispatch our team of experts to your location.  

Where we are today?

As we believed in nothing but offering the best, we’ve always gone an extra mile to satisfy our customers in the Key Biscayne, FL area. We own a large network of workshops in the locality, and a large fleet of mobile vehicles and this has enabled us to extend our services throughout the entire area. The possession of advanced equipment and top-notch quality materials/tools has made us adept at addressing even the worst of situations, and reach onsite in a matter of just 30 minutes. Right from the people we hire and the equipment we own, all of it is of premium quality, and hence, Key Biscayne Restoration Company has grown to be the most credible company in the locality.

Want our damage restoration services at your place? Ring us on 786-309-9751!