Key Biscayne Restoration Company - Flood Damage Restoration


Natural disasters are inevitable, even if we are prepared to handle disasters like flood, damage can at times be devastating. Floods can mercilessly destroy roads, home and other properties. The Key Biscayne, FL area is prone to floods and we being around for years have the experience of handling such situations efficiently. We handle manmade flooding that is caused due to overflowing tanks and plumbing failures as well.  

Water is extremely destructive. It can submerge your belongings and cause electrical hazards. You need professional help to restore your property. Key Biscayne Restoration Company is a professional service that works 24 hours and 7 days a week. In any kind of situation, our professional flood damage restoration services are just a call away. Our number 786-309-9751 is online waiting for calls.

What you can do and what you can’t:

Key Biscayne Restoration Company Key Biscayne, FL 786-309-9751If it’s a small leakage or water seepage due to rain, it can be mopped off and dried easily. Such small amount of water is not that prone to damaging your property or cause a risk to your life. But if it’s a natural disaster or a plumbing fault, water levels inside the premises can rise alarmingly, which would be threatening to your life as well as property. Electrical appliances can become lethal if it comes into contact with water. In such a devastating situation, you will need the assistance of professional company like Key Biscayne Restoration Company. Our company can fix the source of the problem and also drain and dry the premises and ensure peace of mind for its customers.

If there is any kind of situation where water levels have risen to an intolerable level, be sure to immediately switch off your electricity supply and call us. Delaying only worsens the problem and reduces the chances of your property getting restored fully.

The right way to recovery after a flood:

Pumps you can obtain from local hardware stores may seem to be an effective option to drain out the water, but it’s not the effective solution. Not only does it have less probability to work, it causes frustration and is a waste of money. Our professional service in Key Biscayne, FL area follows a strategic restoration procedure, which it has developed with years of experience. We make sure to rectify the issue ensuring minimal loss and least time.

  • Before drying:

Safety is our priority. Our first step is to assess the situation and look for any safety hazards. We start off by cutting off all the electrical supplies, gas lines and then look for structural damage that would lead to a catastrophic situation. We also wear protective gear to avoid any kind of contamination and infections.

  • The drying process:

Our highly-efficient pumping systems can pump out water within a few hours. We then dry the premises and use dehumidifiers to avoid mold formation. We use state-of-the-art machineries to ensure quick and efficient work.

  •  Salvage items:

Floods can damage certain items beyond restoration. Things like your wallpaper, floor coverings might need replacement. We dispose items that are necessary; keeping in mind that discarding is done only when there is no other option. Our restoration team will repair and restore the others in a snap. 

Is your property flooded? Don’t worry, call us on 786-309-9751 and we’ll sort it out!