Key Biscayne


Just off Miami’s concrete jungles lies a hidden treasure, intriguing and beautiful! A massive bridge propels visitors onto the land, leaving the hectic city life behind and opening up to clear blue skies, sparkling waters, and an Eden-like greenery. Though it’s only 20 minutes away from civilization, the beautiful Key Biscayne, with its white sand, subtropical climate, peaceful shores and breathtaking beauty, has for long remained the escape into bliss and serenity for many.

But it wasn’t always so! There was once a time when the island city had a notorious reputation. Surrounded by treacherous reefs, many a Spanish ships met its demise off Key Biscayne between the 16th and 18th century. In 1825, an iconic lighthouse was built. Initial development was slow which picked up pace after 1947 with the completion of the Rickenbacker Causeway – a bridge that led to the island from Miami.

Key Biscayne: The paradise that is quickly sinking

While the calm and serene façade of Key Biscayne doesn’t give it away, the island’s history has had occasional rifts with Nature, and with time, it’s only worsening. The low-lying island is a mere 3 feet above sea level, and rapid climate change is doing nothing to help the situation. King tides, salt water intrusion, and flooding are commonplace, and every year, when the threat of a hurricane looms large, the community evacuates the island, only to return after things go back to normal.

Hurricane Irma: Mass evacuations ordered:

The 2017 Hurricane Irma displaced the entire population of Key Biscayne – and while the worst that was expected did not come, there was still substantial amount of damage done. Salt water had flooded homes, trees were uprooted, and a few electric lines were downed. Thankfully, the recovery wasn’t as long-drawn for a majority owing to the efforts of Key Biscayne Restoration Company

  • What we did?

In stark contrast to freshwater flooding, salt water intrusion can be fatal to structures, causing rapid deterioration. We knew this, and that’s why when our clients called us on 786-309-9751, we wasted no time in arriving on the spot. With ready emergency teams on standby, we were already prepared for the disaster. From extracting the standing water to drying the property to removing the debris, we ensured that we restored everything back to its pre-loss state.

Our comprehensive service range:

Besides serving the community during catastrophic events such as flood, we also undertake other small-scale projects such as:

  • Key Biscayne Restoration Company Key Biscayne, FL 786-309-9751Water/fire damage restoration
  • Restoration work
  • Clean-up service
  • Reconstruction
  • Periodic property maintenance
  • Makeovers /remodeling
  • Debris removal
  • Remediating mold
  • Leak detection

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